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JJ Boats has developed from those early days to become a highly regarded craftsman building several classes of championship winning boats in both wood and epoxy FRP and of course championship winning foils.

Your boat ...... your way!


As well as new build’s and restorations JJ Boats is an insurance  approved repairer for both wood and GRP.

Restoration work is important service provided by JJ having restored his own Norfolk Punt, No 51.  This old boat  was given a new lease of life, and shows that when a classic boat is beautifully restored it is a wonderful thing. This boat has won the Punt Championships, 9 times and the Hard Chine trophy 11 times.

James Jarvey


I started building racing dinghies and foils in 1998 and have achieved championship winning success with both foils and boats.  With an apprenticeship with Norfolk based, Arthur Brett’s,  making very high quality furniture.  My love of sailing, in particular dinghies, aided the transition from high end quality furniture to boats, with a lot of simple skills being used.  After the acquisition of an Enterprise jig from Tony Prior, the first of many very successful Enterprises were built.

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Norfolk Punt


Albacore & Enterprise


Scorpion & Solo


British Moth


New Build or Restoration ?


Insurance Approved Repairer




Norfolk Punt

Wood has a beauty all of its own


JJ Boats has fitted out wooden interiors and decks in both the Hard chine and Morrison type GRP Norfolk Punt.

JJ Boats  has also carried out a complete re-build of Harnser, at the time a 40 year Norfolk Punt.  

Official builder of the Norfolk Punt, we can build wooden or epoxy foam hulls. We are here to help shape the boat for your specific needs.

That special look of a well built boat


Whatever your Norfolk Punt’s needs, call us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Don’t forget our racing foils, we manufacture rudders, plus long and short centreboards.


Are you sitting comfortably?


Ovington FRP hulls are used and can be tailored by James to include the semi self draining lowered foot well, with superbly crafted veneered foam tanks and decks. Super rigid cross-braced bulkheads under the foredecks with full width floor section bonded to the hull which achieves a very stiff fast boat.

We are now building a Phantom as above. but with spray painted decks instead of varnished veneered ones.  

All your Phantom requirements


From a bare boat to a fully fitted finished boat with spars, sails, cover and combi trailer, you will be all set to race.

Remodel, self draining Phantom into lower foot wells.

We can also build a low buoyancy composite Phantom, which makes righting your boat easier after a capsize, as it floats lower in the water.



An option for your boat is low buoyancy side tanks which aids in capsize situations.

In addition to supplying JJ Boats composite Phantoms, we can also fit out new Ovington boats.

Masts and Booms : Selden and CST Superspar

Fittings : Allen and Harken

Sails and covers : North, P&B, HD

Foils : available as standard, arrow weave or carbon.


2 person racing


A Peter Milne design available at any stage of build, from bare hull to fully fitted.  The new JJ designed front buoyancy tank replaced the 3 indivual ones which previous Javelins had.   Another new design was the spine centreboard case side which is now in foam sandwich, making it lighter and stiffer, in turn making the boat faster.  Supply of  Selden spars, Allen fittings and North sails, means you are ready to go racing at the highest levels.  Covers and trailer can also be supplied.



Modifications have been made, the broker tanks have been incorporated into a new front tank mould and the centre spine.

The 2014 Javelin National Championship has been won by a JJ Boats built Javelin.

Standard or Upgraded package


Standard : Superspar mast and boom and Batt sails.

Upgrade : Mast strut, adjustable shrouds, jib furler, boom flattener, twin spinnaker poles.

Sails, trailers and foils all available

British Moth


Single handed dinghy

Now building FRP and composite dinghies from John Claridge hull and deck moulds, which are now owned by JJ Boats. Both deep and self draining cockpits in FRP versions and will also be offering FRP hulls with bespoke wooden decks. 



International single handed dinghy

JJ Boats has began production on its first OK dinghy. 


Taking shape ....


Side decks on

Scorpion & Solo

How can we help you put a sting in your Scorpion


The JJ Boats / Paintcraft Scorpion has been available since 1998.  In that time it has become well recognised at the front of the fleet.

Results include Open and National win's.

Our top quality, down to weight wooden hull is available with forward buoyancy tank and a "bag system", or a deck chute.

Either type has a Paintcraft finish and is fitted out to a high standard by them.

Sailing Solo

This very popular single handed dinghy is now being built by JJ Boats.  A careful study of existing

Following requests JJ Boats are now building the Solo.  A careful study of existing solo hulls was carried out to build a jig which would a fast hulls that comply with the rules.  The now customary JJ care is used and a beautifully crafted hull is made from the new jig.

As well as the all wooden Solo, JJ Boats now offer a composite Solo with an epoxy FRP hull and superb wooden deck.

The hull is moulded by JJ Boats.

Fitting out possible on pre-bought / pre-owned  hull

Albacore & Enterprise



JJ Boats are now producing composite boats.  Using a FRP hull produced by Ovingtons.  JJ Boats are decking this to their usual high standard to produce a boat that has the best of both worlds. An FRP hull and wooden deck to give a very attractive boat.

Fixed or lifting rudders and centreboards available.



Enterprises :

World Championship 1st in 2004, 2006 and 2007.

Nationals 1st in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

Inland Nationals 1st in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012.



Give yourself that winning chance :

One of the fastest ways to the front of the fleet is in  JJ boat the results speak for themselves.  JJ Boats started building Enterprises in 1998.  Over the years they have become recognised as not only an attractive well built but a very fast hull.

Wooden Enterprises are becoming very popular so why not give yourself that chance to get ahead of the fleet. For a Club or Championship racing machine, choose a JJ Enterprise.

New Build or Restoration

The choice is yours .....


Do you have a classic boat you just love and want to restore it to all its greatness, or do you like that never been sailed before feeling of a new boat.

Completed Restorations


James himself completed a restoration of his own Norfolk Punt, Harnser that was 45 years old when the transformation was done. 

Norfolk Punt, Wild Duck has also had the JJ Boats restoration work completed and is out sailing the Norfolk Broads. 

Strip it all back


Work like this ensures that these boats will stand the test of time and give enjoyment to sailors in the future.


Choices, choices, choices


A combination of wood species for light weight and strength, where required, are laminated to form the optimum balance for our foils.  Where class rules permit we epoxy sheath or simply epoxy coat where sheathing is not permitted. 

Throughout its construction each foil undergoes hours of very careful preparation and finally spray finished with hard two pack polyurethane, either clear or coloured.

Features :


Selected hardwood laminations for optimum weight, strength and balance.

Epoxy bearing for bolts

Epoxy wearing tips on leading edge

Epoxy coated

Epoxy sheathed where class rules allow

Spray coated in polyurethane lacquer

Use your existing stock or JJ supplied  one

Specials or one off as required



Foils can be sheathed with the new arrow weave cloth and if class rules permit can be sheathed in carbon, please call or email for a price.

2019 Retail Price List


Insurance Approved Repairer

The before


All repairs and insurance work in wood, GRP or Carbon, from a small dent to a full re-build are carried out to JJ Boats high standard of workmanship.

and the after


Your pride and joy has been damaged. So you want it repaired by a craftsman who is approved by your Insurer? Look no further than JJ Boats. The finished photograph speaks for itself.

Wherever the damage


We will look after your boat and give it the care and attention needed to get it back to you so you can continue to enjoy your sailing.


Does your boat need a re-varnish?


Got that small touch up that needs doing but you haven’t got the time, or that full re-spray of decks that is just too big a job, then speak to James. 

Or maybe your hull needs a spray re-paint?


That small scratch that happened when you moored up on a pontoon but it caught your hull to a full re-spray to give your boat that brand new hull look. 


New fittings, ropes or rigging


We have it all .....

From a broken fitting that needs replacing, or you want to change all your fittings to a specific make, or you just want to add a specific fitting to make sailing easier for you. 

Suppliers of Allen and Harken as well as other makes.

English Braid ropes to your requirements.

We all rig our boats the way we like it, tell us what you need.

Items for Sale

JJ Rudder (brand new)


To fit 25mm Winder stock


Javelin Super Spar Mast (brand new)


Mast & Boom together price £600

Javelin Boom (brand new)


Boom & Mast together price £600

Carbon Javelin Centreboard


Brand new by JJBoats.

£450.00 (sale price)

Norfolk Punt Main sail


Dick Batt sail with square top only used half a dozen times, so as new.

Sail area 15.28 sq/metres


Carbon Fixed Rudder


Brand new £300.00 (sale price)

Wayfarer Rudder Blade (brand new)


Long style option £200.00

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